Friday, December 02, 2005

Photo Friday: Experimental

We will take a break today from our trip to Daytona to show something experimental. I don't take many experimental pictures, but I thought this frog definitely was experimenting with color.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your frog!! Mine are not this color! My Kermit, smiling frog is green -most of the time except when he turns brown. Frogalina seems to stay brown.I was hoping she would turn green but I haven't seen her do it yet. I guess I have have a preference for green frogs!

Frogalina has found the thin flat heater that is stuck on the wall of the terrerium and has decided she likes to hang out there behind some artificial leaves.

Kermit is the warmer blooded amphibian and likes a pseudo rock to perch on where he can keep an eye on what is going on.

They don't seem to close their eyes except during a rare blink.Instead their horizontal pupils seem to narrow down when they are napping or zoned out.Their eyes dialate when they are wide awake and on the hunt!!

Frogalina is the chow hound and I am going to have to keep an eye lids above her eye brows--that is how you can tell if a frog is getting over fed. She heads for the floor of the terrerium when I put in crickets to make sure she is on-hand to eat. I would like her to take the crickets from me but we haven't gotten her that trained yet.

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